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Bestiary/Race Index:


Kekkak- A large but agile Chamois-like mountain goat. Sometimes used as a mount, but not as popular as a Rivvir for long-duration travels because it is a staple of mountain-predator diet.


Pheoat - A small goat-like creature rarely exceeding the size of a small dog. It has pheasant-like wings and tail- while not good for flight, they do assist in climbing, jumping and territorial/mating displays.





Human-  Humans come in so many body types, heights and colors and are so adaptable to any region and living condition that it is thought they are the collective offspring of every bipedal genetically compatible race. There are four primary divisions of humans with different genetic traits.

Deldordeh: These people are largely isolated from other human communities, living on the continent Deldah, and primarily in the capitol city of the same name. They tend to lean towards being solidly built, and of middling height with medium to light skin and variants of brown hair but very seldom true blacks reds or blondes. Their hair tends to be very thick and tough, and is extremely difficult to cut, and many as a rule have hair no shorter than four or five inches because of this. They have very little body hair. Their eyes are often very bright colors, and as many as one in five is born with complete heterochromia. Male height 5’-5” to 6’ averaging 200-220lbs, Female height 4’-10” to 5’-5” averaging 110-120lbs

Naheyan: these people lean towards being short and slender usually with dark to black hair, very pale skin and blue or grey eyes. They go white at an early age, but other symptoms of aging tend to develop much later. Green eyes are not unknown but decidedly rare and thought to be lucky and indicative of strong magical power. They live in the northernmost regions, their closest neighbors being the Dwarves with whom they live in companionship borne of time, trade and isolation. They are known for their extraordinary craftsmanship, and items created by the Naheyan are deeply coveted and highly prized. Male height 5’ to 5’-5” averaging 110-130lbs female height 4’5-5-5” averaging 90-120lbs

Daemon: least populous and most vividly colored of the humans, they also tend to be the tallest. Their hair colors tend to be natural blondes, reds and on occasion white. Their eyes vary from red, amber, and yellow to green. Their skin color tends to lean towards bronze-ish red to dark nutty brown. They are native to tropical and subtropical zones. They are often looked at by the other races, and other humans with askance, as they have no truly centralized government, and dependant on location within their island homes they can function in societies ranging from tribal (patriarchal, matriarchal or both), feudal, to family and kin tie orientations. In general they are a people that enjoys mischief and games, and often disputes are settled by contests of varying sorts. Warfare is uncommon, but vicious and usually very quick.

As a whole they still live close to the earth, detesting many modern advances made by the rest of the world in lieu of the formerly readily available magic. Though some of the larger communities that trade regularly have taken on adaptations of their choice.

Haldaron: Most humans fall under this category, unbeknownst of their ancestry and living in large cities on the eastern continent, any given trait may surface. Humans being genetically compatible with Dwarves, Drow, and High-Elves (and they with each other) many half-breeds by default tend to fall under the category of ‘Haldaron Human’ so in fitting with the belief that humans are the offspring of dwarves and elves collectively. Haldaron tend to be the most populous of any race, with the least amount of birth defects and infant deaths.

The Haldaron Humans were thought to have stared out within large trading cities where large numbers of every race congregated. And as it is with people of any sort, no matter where they congregate sex isn’t far behind.

The primary countries of the Haldaron Human are the Salt Barrens and Ase. Being a close neighbor to the High Elven nation, the Monarchy of Ase has encouraged the development of mercenary behavior in supplement to its renowned military. The volatile High elves do not make for good neighbors. The Salt Barrens have not followed suit, trusting to the largely inhospitable locale to keep the testy elves out.


Drow/Lethavar- Elves of the dark, largely living on the Deldordeh continent (though underneath in extinct volcanic tubes and chambers). They are generally dark of skin and light of hair, with red eyes. There are variants, black or sometimes brown hair has been known to crop up, and the eyes range from pale pink to the ruddy brown of dried blood.



Dwarves/Jorddar- Stout people, fierce and prideful with a clan-based monarchy, they make their homes in the northernmost mountains. They prefer to live underground when they can, or in low stone homes.

The dwarves as a whole, with their strong familial ties, see humans as wayward children. All humans are initially welcome to the Dwarven Thanedoms, and so long as the local laws are obeyed, they are even permitted to settle. The Dwarves have a vested interest in the Deldordeh, sharing a stout frame and similar tough-to-cut hair. Though communication is rare, it is warm and always welcome, more akin to family greetings than the friendship shared by the Naheyan.


Direwolves/ mountain-folk- Once known as the Mountain-folk or Mountain Dwellers, they were a very isolated group of Naheyan. An oddity of the gene-pool, they were quite tall as a whole, with some individuals exceeding six feet in height. Though they themselves did not directly practice magic, they did live within close proximity to a ley line for a great many generations. It is theorized that this proximity for so long, in conjunction with inadvertent use of magic in the shamanistic lifestyle led to the transformation of the Folk into a new species.

As a whole, the Direwolves are now large in both wolf and humanoid forms, females often breaking six feet and males seven or- in extreme cases -eight. The hair color is a reflection of coat-color, and is most often white or grey, to blend in with the surroundings.


Dragons/Regni- Dragons are the rarest of the rare, incredibly cunning and powerful as adults, they need no access to the Ley Lines to wield magic powerful enough to change their forms to that of the bipedal races. Few meet a dragon, and none have seen Hatchlings or Eggs. There are multiple breeds, but all are secretive and as a rule avoid the other Sentient Races and their troubles. Only one acknowledged half-breed is known to have existed - The Priestess who held the Temple of the Ley Line of Blood at the time of its fall.