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The Ley Line War: A Videogame Mission Statement

The Ley Line War: A videogame (title subject to change)will offer the story of TLLW in an interactive method, available to a wider range of audience than the webcomic. While the webcomic offers a story for those 18+, the videogame will be teen appropriate. Comic mischief, mild animated violence and language in the spirit of NES RPG games. My goal is to offer a game that's enjoyable and does not have many of the pitfalls, failings and annoyances of other inexpensive/mobile games such as time gating, adds, premium currencies or paid DLC/unlockables. Players will get the whole of the content, and any additional content to the game for one price.



My Promise to You, as an aspiring indie Developer:

My games will not have adds in them. Ever. Regardless of the media outlet used to support them. It may have a watermark for the software I'm using (and that will go away as soon as I can buy a better program!), but it will never have any active adds in any part of the game that are within my control to remove. I will never, EVER use arbitrary time gating unless it is actually relevant to the story, and I will never have premium currencies to purchase. That's just cunty fucking behavior, I don't like it and abhor the practice.


The Ley Line War: A Videogame Title Screen

It's a long way from done, but it's getting there. This is the product of many many hours of work so far. I couldn't resist throwing it up here on DA when I got it to be actually animated. I've still got to smooth out that jitter in the cycle, but I'll get it. ZOMG Aroth is animated! He's really moving! :la: This is the sprite that people will be playing in the game- one of them anyways. He's got other directions he can move in the actual game environment, but this is the one I picked for the title screen. I spent gods know how many hours looking at pictures of glacial termini to try and get the look of that somewhat right. I'm terrible at mountains and blocky stone-like things, and this whole thing is comprised of that, so it was a HUUUUUUUUGE personal challenge as well. 96 frames, and many colors. Aroth alone is somewhere in the vicinity of 20. That hair. That flappy tunic. And you know what I forgot, and just now realized? I didn't animate his bangs...Oh well. His ponytail is the attention grabber, who cares about bangs? ;) _________________________________________________________________ Access to TLLW: The Videogame will be available through here, and my own personal site. It will be free to play, but I strongly encourage that if you like it when it comes out, donate! All proceeds will go to purchasing better development software/packages that can support creation of games for multiple media outlets, like the Apple App Store and Google Play; and not have really annoying and ugly watermarks. I plan on having many small companion games available to supplement TLLW and its lore, to explore the world a little better and to just have fun! TLLW: The Videogame currently has no set release date, but it is (and has been!) well underway for some time now.

The Many Faces of Aroth

So, here are some facial expressions for Aroth that will be appearing ingame. These are not complete yet, in fact they have a ways to go, but it was fun getting them this far. I've several more sets to go, these are just basic speech bubble reactions, and many will be more dramatic.

Game Mockup #1: An asset compatability test

Aroth does not a happy guinea pig make! Throwing together assets I've made to see how well they work together. Needs some work, as of yet, but it's coming along. I need to make more types of trees, like birch and alder, as well as several coniferous types to allow for some more varied areas. The smaller image in the corner is at 100%.

TLLW: Videogame Deciduous Trees asset compilation

Throwing together assets I've made to see how well they work together. Needs some work, as of yet, but it's coming along. I've made a couple more species of deciduous trees, and have color variations for season/climate and location. I'll do another one of these for coniferous as well. I'll likely go with Yew, Long Needle (ponderosa) Pine, Fir, Cedar and Hemlock, and have Standard, snow-covered and dead. Having variety adds verisimilitude, and it bugs me a little when some games just cut and paste the same single tree over and over and over. I know it takes resources, but damn. At least have more than one species. (I know the logo twitches =\)

Battle Sprite: Aroth

Here is a very rough combat idle animation for Aroth. It's still subject to change, but so far I'm okay with it. I'll start roughing out the combat idles for the other party members, as well. Xan and Kes will have two different combat idles, so I'll probably get to working on them soon. But, the whole goal is to get them to flow well together, and not be terribly busy looking. Aroth is the lankiest character in the game, and has the longest limbs, so he will have the fastest and longest range of movement. He also has the largest weapons, being a broad-headed spear and that will add to the overall movement of his sprite. Xan on the other hand uses a sword and shield, is shorter and stockier, and uses an Ox Guard form as an idle stance. Keslaina is a bit more of an enigma. I'm not sure what to do with her, as she isn't really a direct combat type. She's not particularly strong, and mostly uses a garrote after posing as a whore/camp-follower.

TLLW: Videogame Credits Portrait Example

So here is my self portrait/DeviantID. I'll actually be doing several in this fashion, but not of myself. They'll be going in the credits section of TLLW Videogame for major contributors- unless they would like something else be it a photograph or just plain text. This one is a decent enough approximation of myself, so I'll be using it. So far I'll have four other people to draw (or have draw themselves). We'll see how that goes. Naturally, Rob will be next since he's been the primary aid, critic and tester so far. I really do have boots like these. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. Major contributors can be financial donors, testers, hype-spreaders, what have you.

More Information: 7/17/2013 (also found on the Blog)

here is a summary of what is going on, what to expect and when to expect it by. No dates are set in stone, but I am working towards them, diligently. First: the comic still exists, I'm still working on it, but slowly. Oh so slowly. I'll probably finish out the chapter before too much longer- but I've got a couple other things that are taking priority at the moment. The Game- its happening. At a faster rate than the webcomic, but still at a rate of about 30 mins a day. I hope to have an explorable environment demo available by December. The demo will be the exploration of Aroths home school. His room, all floors and areas should be workable within the demo. The bulk of my time is devoted to studying for my insurance producer exams. There is a ton of legaleese, and I'm sweating bullets. If I get my license by the third of August, I have a job though. Which means I can take care of some responsibilities (first and foremost), and then save to put money into TLLW: Webcomic & Videogame. This means I'll be able to purchase a better program with which to write and compile the game code- and also pay for music and some added assistance. However, I'll also be setting up a Kickstarter, which will hopefully take a fair chunk of the costs for music and whatnot. This is going to be a free game for PC(via download, it'll cost to have a hard-copy though), and be very minimal in cost for mobile, so any aid would be a huge relief. Wish me luck!!!