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18th Dec 2014, 11:46 AM

AshLeigh Henson

More Than a Year of Neglect

The Ley Line War, in it's entirety has suffered more than a year of neglect. It's been just...sitting there, like a lump since early 2013. Not cool.


So, a few things have happened in that time. I've held a job in insurance, which even though part time has been erratic and unpredictable and so draining that I've had time and energy for nothing else. I've known it for some time, I don't fit, it doesn't fit me. It's like wearing shoes that re the wrong size, and chafe and rub and blister. So, starting December 26th, I'm no longer working in Insurance. DONE! Toodles.


The Ley Line War webcomic resumes Febuary 3rd 2015 at 00:00

11th Jul 2013, 8:29 AM

AshLeigh Henson

News: Comic, Game and...Insurance?

So, I haven't posted a Blog in some time though I've tried to keep my information updated through postings on the comic delay is a summary of what is going on, what to expect and when to expect it by. No dates are set in stone, but I am working towards them, diligently. First: the comic still exists, I'm still working on it, but slowly. Oh so slowly. I'll probably finish out the chapter before too much longer- but I've got a couple other things that are taking priority at the moment. The Game- its happening. At a faster rate than the webcomic, but still at a rate of about 30 mins a day. I hope to have an explorable environment demo available by December. The demo will be the exploration of Aroths home school. His room, all floors and areas should be workable within the demo. The bulk of my time is devoted to studying for my insurance producer exams. There is a ton of legaleese, and I'm sweating bullets. If I get my license by the third of August, I have a job though. Which means I can take care of some responsibilities, and then save to put money into TLLW: Webcomic & Videogame. Wish me luck!!!